Cattle Baron Cigars

Cattle Baron Cigar on a rock

When you start out on a trail with a herd of cattle, there's no turning back. There's a unique job to be done and it has to be done right. A good horse, a good stock dog or 2 and some salty cowhands are essential to see the job though. High water, bad weather and uncertain range conditions are just a few challenges the cattle baron endures, prior to delivering these high quality cattle to market. Cattle barons are very particular about the quality of their cattle. Only the highest quality genetics can endure the challenges of the cattle industry and become the finest beef in the world.

Cattle Baron Cigars are made with the same bold integrity. Starting with the world's finest tobacco, grown in the rich soils of Santiago and he surrounding regions of the Dominican Republic. These premium cigars are aged to perfection and handmade by the finest cigar family in the business, for the grateful aficionado of life.

Enjoy the Cattle Baron Cigar on the trail, at the end of the day or with a good steak and a gorgeous vodka. Wherever you are in life, we say cheers to your life, your dreams and your time to sit back for a moment and enjoy them...